Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Prince Vultan Leader of the Hawkmen - part two

In this post I have detailed the steps in painting my 40mm Flash Gordon Miniature conversion of Prince Vultan, Leader of the Hawkmen.

Photo One - The finished Prince Vultan, just awaiting some static grass clumps.

Photo Two - The miniature painted with matt black spray paint.

Photo Three - To help define the different areas I dry brushed the whole figure with Scorched Brown from Vallejo.

Photo Four - Starting with the flesh areas which were built up over Snakebite Leather from Games Workshop.

Photo Five - the Bronze breastplate was built up over Scorched Brown, using various GW Metallic paints, while the kilt or skirt was painted red to match in with my existing Hawkmen.

Photo Six - Next was the base. The groundwork is Scorched Brown with snakebite Leather highlights and the stones are a mix of Chaos Black and Skull White with individual stones picked out in the same mix.

Photo Seven - My first attempt at the wings.

Photo Eight - The wings further highlighted with the small white feather painted white rather than drybrushed white.  I think this looks better and fits my other Hawkmen better.

Photos Nine and Ten - The finished figure from different angles and with all the painting complete.

Photo Eleven - Finished and shown alongside one of the original Hawkmen conversions for comparison.

Finally, I have tried (very hard) to paint this particular miniature to a higher standard, however I am disappoint with the finish and quality I have achieved.  I am uncertain if my miniature painting skills have improved over the last ten years, feeling that my original Flash Gordon miniature (see much earlier posts) was one of my better painted figures.

I have thought long and hard over this and believe that 'washes' although much easier to use have in fact given my newly painted miniatures a rather dull look.

Overall I am pleased with the figure and proud to have it as a gaming piece.  I just wish I could 'take the next step' and have Superb painted figures, rather than just practical or gaming miniatures.  By the way I do not feel the same about my Flintloque figures, which I quite enjoy painting in a 'cartoon-y' style.

Having concentrated on my Flash Gordon collection for some weeks, I should now move back to something else - however my painting desk is currently full of FG miniatures, so just maybe there are more to come over the next couple of weeks.



The Angry Lurker said...

He's damn well done, great work.

SteelonSand said...

May I be the first to say it: "Gordons Aaaaaaaaalive?"


I think it is an excellent piece of work - only wish I could paint as well as a figure you feel is a little below par - go away and do some other stuff as you suggest, and I'm sure it will grow on you.

Ray Rousell said...

Great figure! extremely well painted!!!

Jay said...

The Prince looks mighty-fine to me. It's evident he has had a "wash." And that's ok.

Furt said...

Beautiful paint and conversion.