Friday 10 February 2012

New Brushes from Rosemary & Co.

Earlier this week I was reading on The Lead Adventure Forum about Rosemary & Co brushes, see;

I decided that I would pick up a couple to test and after reading the forum posts decided on a couple of Sable Mix brushes Series 401 which are a mixture of Sable and Nylon.

I ordered the a No 1 and a No 2, both with the optional long handles on Monday evening and they were delivered on Wednesday morning beautifully packaged in a plastic sleeve inside a strengthened and padded envelope - superb service.

Last night had the opportunity to quickly test them against a Windsor & Newton No 7 Sable, a Citadel Standard Brush (my preferred or usual tool of choice) and a WHS Nylon No 2 (of which I have a batch of about six, which I tend to use for terrain painting).  My first impressions are favourable however they really need a good painting session and some time before I can give a full and detailed review.

I also asked for a Rosemary & Co 2011/2012 Catalogue which came in the same package and it is full of hundreds of brush choices, a really substantial catalogue and beautifully illustrated. The catalogue was so detailed that it actually causes confusion as there are so many types, styles, handle choices and quality to choose from. I am very pleased with my Series 401's, but would recommend that the long handles are a little superfluous for figure or miniature painters and I will stick with the standard length on future orders.

For full details of the range go to this link

Finally any comments concerning these or other brushes are very welcome. I for one would welcome any recommendations for style (Series or No.) or quality of future brushes from Rosemary & Co.


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painterman said...

They're a great choice, and i think you'll be pleased when you use them. I swopped to these about a year ago, following positive comments on Steve Dean Forum. Service is always excellent and brushes hold a point for ages. The flat heads for dry-brushing would be recommended too.