Monday 20 February 2012

New Dwarf Regiment - part five

At long last progress has moved forward. The slightly warmer weather has allowed me to spend a little more time down the shed-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden and painting has moved on apace. 

Photo One - Shows the Bottle Green uniforms painted. I used a mix of Turquoise, Midnight Blue and Woodland Green  to get the basic colour and highlighted with pure Forest Green from Foundry.

Photo Two - The next step was the Blood Red trousers and Busby pouch which were highlighted with Blood Red from Vallejo over Red Gore from GW. The yellow or gold trim is Badmoon Yellow over Snakebite Leather and at this stage the pompom is just basecoated Stonewall Grey from Vallejo.

The Busby is Scorched Brown, drybrushed over the sculpted detail.

Photo Three - The pompoms has been highlighted with Skull White and I have tidied up both the flesh areas and the Black boots.

Photo Four - Each of the miniatures has some sort of backpack or sack sculpted onto the back of the figure and to give some variety to the group, I have painted these in different colours.

After a (very) slow start, I now feel that this first Pledge is back on track and without tempting fate, I see no reason why the group should not be finished by the end of February.

I have decided to repaint the hair and beard of the horn-blower as I think the yellow hair looks a little to pale.

Once again I have approached the painting in a haphazard manner wanting to get the bulk of the sculpts painted quickly. My plan is to have this week tidying up the details and varnish by the coming weekend. Obviously all of this is dependant on the weather as I do not like to varnish in the cold or damp.

As a small group they are already very colourful and once the metallic paint goes on this will increase the illusion.


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