Sunday 26 February 2012

A weekend in Swansea

Sue and I had a weekend down in Swansea, visiting family and attending my cousins engagement party. On Sunday morning I popped along to a small Toy & Train fayre held at Bishop Gore School, Swansea. Being an Olchfa pupil (a rival school about two miles away) this was the first time I had even set foot over the school threshold!

After paying £1.50 for entry I picked up a variety of bits 'n' pieces.

Photo One - This Airfix Magazine Guide 16 Modelling Jet Fighters by Bryan Philpott for just £1.00, I thought it was worth this for the read alone.

Photo Two - A diecast armoured car. Although in a poor state, I thought it would work well with 28mm figures and all the way back I've been imagining it painted in UNIT (Dr. Who) colours with some UNIT troops in a small diorama. At just £2.00 another bargain.

Photo Three - four tall populars which should work equally well as trees for my Flintloque terrain or for my 40mm Typhon (Greek Mythology) terrain. All four cost less than £2.00.

Photo Four - Three plastic figures, each one standing 30/35mm tall and ideal as ghosts in my Flintloque/Deadloque undead army. Each figure - just 50p each.

Can anyone help by identify them?

Photos Five and Six - Later we went for a walk along the cliffs near Pennard on The Gower Peninsular and while we were having a cappuccino this AEC double decker pulled into the carpark. The bus was on an excursion from Swansea City centre to Pennard and then back again.

It was in pristine condition and I couldn't resist taking these snaps.

Photo Seven - As well as seeing a number of helicopters and small aircraft I spotted this Gyrocopter buzzing overhead and switching the camera to 'sports' mode I managed to catch this image.

Photo Eight - Almost full-circle, I started with a book on modelling Jet Fighters and now end with this image of a Hunter T8 two seater spotted at Swansea Airport.

The weather was a bit hit and miss, but I have to say that I really enjoyed the weekend.



MadWelshWizard said...

Heya Tony,

Sounds like you had a top time !

Those mini's are from the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Adventure Boardgame I think.


nikko said...

The white minis are from the hasbro dungeon & dragon the boardgame.