Tuesday 21 February 2012

TRASH BASH 2012 - part three

The French Imperial Aeronef Le Louis Daguerre
Urgent Message

The following telegraph message was intercepted and translated by HMAS Intrepid on February 6th at 0600.

+LD 317 on routine patrol attacked by three uHCs STOP+
+No fatalities STOP seven injuries STOP+
+Damage to P Chem 3 STOP+
+Ret to LMons STOP+
+ Permission to arm LD 317 STOP+

Further enquiries by British agents has confirmed that three Unidentified Martian Hullcutters encountered the Le Louis Daguerre (LD 317) on or before the 4th February in the Le Mons sector (S345/E468) and after a brief exchange both sides retreated and returned to safety.

Workers at the main Aeronef Port, Le Mons collaborate the initial telegraph message and add that one of the chemical containers has been replaced.

It is also believed that two Hotchkiss revolving cannons and one 90mm breach loading cannon have been fitted to the Le Louis Daguerre.

Martian Pirates are continuing to harass all Colonial Aeronefs with the increased success having the effect that single craft patrols and merchant Aeronef's are rare.

More to follow. See Trash Bash 2012.



PatG said...

9mm breech loader? A mitrailleuse one hopes ;)

Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Tony said...

Possibly? However I'm not sure of the ship-to-ship (or Aeronef-to-Aeronef) effect of a Mitrailleuse needle gun and would prefer HE shells or even shrapnel over the Mitrailleuse.

Finished images are planned to be released as soon as I can get hold of some silver-coated Dagurreotype plates that fit my Minolta Z1! E-bay (on this occasion) is not helping.

Thanks for the comments and I hope that the Bowler is coming along - love to see some more images.


PatG said...

So not this 9mm breech loading cannon then?



Tony said...

Hi Pat,

Sorry for the confusion - it's a 90mm not a 9mm. I've changed the main post. See;


PatG said...

I was just seeing how many time I could tug at your leg before you caught on ;)

We haven't done much to Tilly recently as although she is in the garage, it isn't heated. The solar panel is on hold because we are heading over to the UK this fall to attend the Asylum. I do plan on putting in an inverter so we can at least fire up the laptops when we are out camping.

I also have some ideas for the upper cupboard supports but need to source uranium marbles and UV LEDs....