Monday 27 February 2012

New Dwarf Regiment - part seven

After a shaky start The Pledge is back on track and the first group of miniatures is complete; based, varnished and flocked.

Photo One - The finished group of eight Flintloque Dwarves led by a bossy she-Dwarf (a modified Forgemaiden from Warlord/Reaper - Valana, 14524).

Photos Two, Three and Four show the miniatures prior to varnishing. I am particularly proud of the Tomato Puree Flag and Battenburg Cake pole decoration.

Photo Five - The command group, a Standard Bearer, Musician and the Female Dwarf.

Photo Six - The five troopers.

I have called them Battenburger's after the flag design and some comments on this Blog. The main point is that regiment/group one was finished on time. Now for the second group, but you will have to wait until March for full details.


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M. C. Monkey-Dew said...

Very characterful...err full of character. Well done!