Tuesday 24 July 2012

Bange and Oafson - part five

Since the last post I have painted over most of the miniatures, using my traditional or usual style (dark base colour and two or three highlights). The one exception is the skin or grey flesh areas which I have left as the original Block Painting and Wash finish.

Photo One - Bange and Oafson just waiting for varnishing and flocking.

Photos Two, Three and Four - Detail shots of Bange.  I have kept the rose-tinted glasses, repainted the trousers with gold stripes and finished off the knapsack and Bakur Rifle.

Photos Five, Six and Seven - Detail shots of Oafson. His trousers have been over-painted in Skull White and his Green uniform highlighted in a brighter or lighter Green. I choose a Blue and White stripped bed roll to add some colour and as above, the knapsack and Bakur have been painted.

Both miniatures have had their metallic areas painted with GW metallics. I use metallics in the same way as plain acrylic paint - that is a darker basecoat and one or two highlights in brighter metallic colours. All metallic areas have been washed with the GW Sepia or Black wash (as is my usual style or technique).

It would be fair to say that the Block Painting and Wash technique has not been a total disaster, but I don't see me painting other miniatures in this style, preferring as I do my tried-and-tested Black undercoat with bright or primary layers with two or three highlights.

In summary Bange and Oafson are fantastic miniatures to paint and the 'mix-and-match' painting technique seems to have worked in this instance.

In the next post I plan on showing the varnished and finished Bange and Oafson from Alternative Armies. More (but not too much more) to follow.


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fogsoldiers said...

Nice! I' m painting too orc rifles and Sharke...

Happy Wargaming ;-)