Tuesday 17 July 2012

Bange and Oafson - part three

As you can plainly see, I have undercoated the two Alternative Armies Trolkin miniatures ready to start the painting, proper. I am going to attempt to paint these figures in a different style - a technique which uses one coloured basecoat and washes which I have read about/seen on Rob Alderman's You Tube videos.

My own figure painting style has developed over some considerable time and to summarise; bright primary colours from what is a limited palette over a black undercoat with each separate colour built-up with a strong base layer and at least two (usually more highlighted layers).  I have also become used to applying one (or more) of the new Citadel washes in selected areas, Sepia and Black being my favourite. The technique suits the 'over-the'top' Flintloque castings giving an almost cartoon-y effect.

In this test I plan on using just one (OK - I may need two or three) layers of colour and then wash the whole figure with Badab Black wash from Games Workshop.

In the past I have tried a number of different painting styles - notable the Dallimore style used by Wargames Foundry, but have always gone back to my usual, mainly through comfort and ease of use, OK, through habit!

These images have been taken with just the Chaos Black undercoat and show how the modifications (shown in the earlier post) blend in.

Finally - I am not going to paint the skin colours in the bright, colourful schemes shown on the Alternative Armies website, but use more subdued and stone/rock or natural colours instead.

More to come.


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Nick said...

I shall be interested to see how these come out. I've been thinking of getting the figures as I just painted the Kyng Gorge figure ( http://theleadmountain.blogspot.co.uk/ ) but like you, I don't like the skin colours the AA website ones are painted..