Friday 20 July 2012

Bange and Oafson - part four

Just to re-cap. I have decided to paint these two Trolkin from Alternative Armies in a new or different painting style. A simple block painted basecoat with Citadel washes. This is a style of miniature painting that I first saw/read about on a You tube video from Rob Alderman.

Stage One.  The two figures have been roughly painted in a style that I believe is called 'block painting'. The flesh is cold stone - Vallejo Stonewall Grey, the uniform Forest Green from Foundry and the trousers Off-White (a mix of Ivory, Stonewall Grey and Skull White). Prior to washing the figures, I have tidied up the Chaos Black undercoat.

Stage Two. I have 'washed' the two Trolkin with both Badab Black and Devlan Mud (the original washes - not the new ones) from Citadel/Games Workshop.

Stage Three. I am not happy with the finish, but have persevered and highlighted the Grey/Green/White areas with at least one highlight, added the Gold braiding and detail as well as adding some additional colour - the Blond Mohican for Oafson and the Rose-Tinted spectacles for Bange.

These Troklin Limited Editions are full of character, really nice sculpts which seem to come to life when 'washed' but is still some way to go before the miniatures are finished. I have to admit to not enjoying this new painting style. In fact I have thought about repainting the Black undercoat and starting again! As I proceed, I find myself using the Block Painted/Wash technique as a base painting technique, but adding layers in my usual style.

I will review progress before my next post.


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Rob Alderman said...

Yes, it's a quick way to paint lots of miniatures. It works for me, but I can understand issues with it. I generally use the washes quite liberally and do quite stark highlights.
Paint them how you would like to, that is what I think is interesting! :)

Looking very good so far, I especially like Bange's rose-tinted glasses!