Thursday 12 July 2012

Bange and Oafson - part two

Bange and Oafson - the Trolkin Brothers from Alternative Armies are now fully based and ready to be undercoated. I have added some sieved stones and fine sand to the bases which is applied over uPVA glue.

Photos Two, Three and Four - Show Bange and the Green Stuff conversion/modification work I have carried out. His ill-fitting trousers have been re-modelled, with more of his stomach pouring over the top. I have added more substantial coat-tails and there are raised braiding detail on his trousers.

Photos Five, Six and Seven - Show Oafson and his modifications. Starting from the top, I have extended his mohican haircut, The spear shaft has been 'bulked-up' plus cuffs and buttons added from Green Stuff.

As stated earlier, these are bulky sculpts and very well modelled, but I just can't help adding my own little touches.

More to follow.



Rob Alderman said...

Hello Tony!

I LOVE the extra little details, a little bit of personalisation goes a long way!
A lot of the changes you have made already I would make myself had I the chance to redesign these.
Anywho, glad you are enjoying them, and I cannot wait to see the paintjobs!


Jay said...

Great conversions...should really "pop-out" when the paint is applied.