Wednesday 25 July 2012

Flintloque - The Alternative Sharke

Barking Irons Online have uploaded another Miniature Workshop article written by me and labelled Rekhardt Sharpe The Alternative Sculpt. The short article details how I based and painted what is a very rare Special Edition figure of the Flintloque hero Sharke that was given away free with subscriptions to the Orcs in the Hills magazine.

After a long delay between writing and publishing, the article was released yesterday morning and then last night I received a comment on this very Blog from Marzio (Fog Soldiers) giving a link to his own miniature painting tutorial of the very same figure. For more details go to this link for an update on the painting and this link for details of the bare casting. Marzio's painting style is very different from my own - but well worth checking out as he produces some fantastic painted miniatures and it is a great comparison of styles - as we are using the same basic figure.

For more Flintloque Miniature Painting articles, go to this BIO link.



fogsoldiers said...

Thank you Tony! I' m basing my Sharke and tomorrow will post the images ;-)


fogsoldiers said...