Sunday, 7 April 2013

Olive Press part three

Prior to the master model being sent to Dave Bodley at Grand Manner for mould making and casting in resin I have added some more details. 

The base has been further textured with sieved stones and fine sand sprinkled over dilute uPVA glue. I have added three small resin pots, these were resin models from Grand Manner. The upright central pole and the main spar have had some cotton superglued in place to represent string or rope binding.

The whole modelling project took less than three days from start to finish - and this while working on other models. I am pleased with the outcome and am now waiting to see it cast in resin and painted as part of my Flintloque and/or my Ancient Greek Project.

The above  image has been used by a Finnish 'Start-Up' company called Cyclotec to illustrate their Web page, for details go to this link.


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DeanM said...

Wow - that is a cool piece of terrain. Well done. Dean