Wednesday 3 April 2013

Spartan Space Marines

A blast from the past! These are some Games Workshop Space Marines that I painted up for my son, over ten years ago. The bulk of the miniatures are plastic Space Marines with a few metal components. All are customised or converted in some form or another.

The idea for Spartans came from a single image in an out of print magazine called Fantasy which showed a single 90mm Spartan Hoplite in Red, Gold and Black colours.

Last month, I was contacted by my Uncle Ray, who was looking after his grandson, William. William wanted to talk to me about his own plans for a Space Marine/Imperial Guard force and after some time chatting to him on the phone. I decided that I would send him this small group of 16 Space Marines and a couple of pieces of terrain.

The force is split into three main factions - Snake motif.

The Officers or command squad - the Omega Squad.

And the Spartans, which in turn have two sets of shoulder pad designs - an Inverted 'V' and a stylised 'S'.

At the time these were the very first gold painted Space Marines that I had ever come across, but today the Spartan themed uniforms are quite common.

As a painted squad they were intended for gaming and not display, however they have weathered years tucked away in a dusty cupboard quite well.

This scratch-built Dreadnought was intended to be a Cyclops dreadnought and also painted in the Gold colour scheme; I just never got around to it. I did, however build two Scratch Built and wheeled Rhinos, which I sold at some bring-and-buy.



BigLee said...

They look pretty cool, and William is a very lucky lad indeed!

M. C. Monkey-Dew said...

Very nice work there as expected!