Saturday 10 May 2014

Highlander from Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures

This particular model is a 54mm resin Highlander (R103) produced by Thunderbolt Mountain and sculpted by Tom Meier. For full details of the figure go to this link. I originally produced this Workbench Article for The Miniatures Page (TMP), back in 2009, but for some reason it was never published. See this link for further information.

The miniature is part of a small range of Napoleonic caricatures after the 18th Century drawing of Gilray and Rowlandson. The whole range includes, Napoleon R001, French Infantry R102, Highlander R103 and British Infantry R104.

Image Two - The Highlander has been cleaned in warm soapy water and primed with Skull White.

I decided to mount the figure on a 40mm x 40mm Games Workshop plastic base. The groundwork has been built up with Milliput and a round headed pin was inserted into the groundwork to represent a French cannonball. The groundwork was further textured with some sieved stones and fine sand added over uPVA glue.

Image Three - The flesh areas have been built up from my trusty Snakebite Leather from GW and highlighted to a very pale skin tone.

I will upload the rest of this article over the next couple of days.


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painterman said...

Interesting to follow this Tony - I got these figures too, several years ago, and keep meaning to tackle them - wonderful sculpts.