Friday 30 May 2014

Resin Foodstuff Basing Kit from Ristulsmarket

I was recently tempted to buy these resin foodstuff models after seeing a link on The Miniatures Page (TMP), actually a Tango01 link. For details go to this post.

The models arrived very quickly and well packed in a plastic clam-shell and large bubble-wrapped envelope.

For your EURO 8.75 you receive eight resin blocks with between three and eight resin items on each. I will point out that the blocks are very thin and easy to remove.  The detail on the castings is exceptional and I look forward to using them as 'clutter' items on my scenery/terrain (and miniature bases), in fact some of the items are perfect as miniature baggage to add to my Flintloque figures.

I am yet to use any (they only arrived yesterday) but am very pleased with the quality and the detail. I have only one criticism and it is a small one, I think some of the pieces look a little small, for example the water bucket. But this may be as I model Flintloque/Slaughterloo miniatures and these can be a little larger than traditional minis. I think they would be fine with 25mm - 28mm figures.

Additional items and models can be found on the official WEB pages here.

All items are priced in Euros. I paid for my items with paypal.
Full details;
Ristul's Extraordinary Market, ristulsmarket, Poland



cianty said...

Thanks for sharing the info! I didn't know about Ristul's before and these look quite nice. I always enjoy market wares and stuff - they add so much to the table.

Joao Sousa said...

What Chris said. Thanks for sharing, Tony. I'll look them up and may even order.


painterman said...

Very nice pieces and good value - will be getting me some..

David Drage said...

Thanks for bringing these to my attention. I ordered some and they will be very useful.

The resin is very strange, a soft consistency, but easy to work with...

Tony said...

Hi David,

I agree, it is also very easy to sand.