Friday 23 May 2014

Model Trees

This afternoon I decided it was time to tidy up some of the gaming items that I have in the garage. I have spent a considerable amount of time taking new photos of my models for the upcoming book on Wargame Terrain - More Wargame Terrain (Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No2). At the same time I realised that a number of my tree bases or forest bases needed repair and re-flocking.

I have repaired and/or re-flocked most of my tree bases and thought it would be worth photographing the terrain pieces.

The following five images show most of my tree bases. Many are mounted on to MDF, but a few of the smaller pieces are mounted on to thick plastic card.

The models come from a wide variety of sources, some specifically designed for Wargaming or Model Railway layouts, but others are converted Christmas decorations.


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Phil said...

You've done an excellent work!