Wednesday 14 May 2014

Highlander from Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures - part three

Photo One - I have completed the painting of this fantastic figure. I have then varnished it with Galleria Matt Varnish.

Photo Two - The base has been flocked with a variety of static grass styles applied over uPVA glue.

Photo Three - The finished Highlander from a different angle, showing the embedded French cannon ball at his feet.

As stated in earlier posts, this particular model was meant to feature in a TMP Workbench Article but for some reason this never happened. I am pleased that after so much time I have been able to upload the images.

The Highlander character was given as a gift to some family in Thailand and now resides in a purpose-built Whisky cabinet in Bangkok.

I hope you have enjoyed the images.



Dave said...

Nice work Tony. Of course the ginger hair contributes to the charicature aspect.

Phil said...

Well done, love his face!

MarkG said...

Nice work Tony. I to think the face is full of character.