Monday 1 September 2014

LOTR Statue

Another new month and another new terrain model, this time a Lord of the Rings statue that was picked up at a bring-and-buy. I think it is part of a pair.

The model was slightly modified, adding a cocktail stick hammer handle and re-mounting the hammer with superglue, I have built a new plinth from a wooden block wrapped in plastic card and mounted it on to an oval of 3mm thick plastic card. The base has been textured in my usual manner. The new plinth has been detailed with more plastic card and further textured by pressing a rough stone into the plastic and then building up the surface texture with modelling paste.

I painted the plinth in the same colours as the LOTR model, adding just a little bit more Bronze and a Green wash. The model stands 150mm tall.

I have a number of similar statues, which I like to add to graveyards or town centres.



MarkG said...

Nice work. Never seen these statues before, what make are they?

Tony said...

Hi Mark,

No idea what range they are from, but given LOTR franchise arrangements, they must be official. I've never seen them for sale, but e-bay may be worth checking out.


Pendragon Without said...

They come from the Armies of Middle Earth Helm's Deep playset. I was toying with the idea of doing exactly what you've done - turn it into a bit of free-standing terrain. Lovely job by the way.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

It looks great also wondering who makes these for my lotr miniature collection. I haven't seen them before either.


Tony said...

See here for details;


Scottswargaming said...

It looks great! May have to see if I can track some of these down :) Would like some dwarf themed ones too...