Wednesday 3 September 2014

Warhammer Online - the collector's edition

Sue saw this boxed set at a local charity shop and bought it for me as an  anniversary present. I had not been aware of this until I saw the box and was very surprised at the quality of the presentation.

The hard card box contains the video game (unlikely that I will play it, but you never know), two hard bound books, one showing the artwork of  the game and the second having a couple of graphic novels. There is also a mouse mat and a limited edition metal miniature.

At first glance I am sure there is lots to inspire me in my quest for new wargame terrain. However, I'm not sure I will paint the metal Orc, so this may go on e-bay.

Thank you Sue

Full details of the game and box set can be found here.



Varangian said...

I bought this as an incomplete set last year. The books are well worth the asking price.

Nice catch!

The Lord of Excess said...

I too, coincidentally, just unearthed a copy of this in my basement closet o' doom. I looked on ebay to see what the figs are going for (to decide if I'd keep mine or if I would sell it off) and they seem to be going for between $25-$40. To echo the previous comment the books are very cool with plenty of ideas for campaigns and just really nice artwork, etc. So unless you paid a pretty penny for this, I'm sure you got a very good deal given how much the mini can easily be sold off for on Ebay.

I just so happen to be building a Warhammer Fantasy army and I hacked the little gobbo off the Orc warboss so I get two army leaders out of it. Good deal!

B-Ry said...

They shut down the game on 12/18/13 so that portion is unusable sadly. But the model and books are fantastic!