Monday 22 September 2014

Making Money by Terry Pratchett

Earlier this year I read the Terry Pratchett book Making Money, this was the first Pratchett book I had read for some time. 

I really enjoyed my return to Discworld and after putting the book down I realised that I needed more.

I therefore searched out my much earlier copy of Monstrous Regiment and re-read a book that I had first read when it originally came out. This book had always been one of my favourite Pratchett books and had been one that (in my minds eye) I thought I knew well. To my surprise and pleasure I really enjoyed re-reading the book and found that I still laughed out loud - even second time around.

So there you have it - two Terry Pratchett books in two months. The first of the pair, Making Money, was a great read, but the second was like re-visiting an old friend and because of this I think Montrous Regiment was my favourite of the pair.


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