Monday 8 September 2014

On-Line Build for September - Todoroni from Alternative Armies

My On-Line Build for September is this group of eight Todaroni from the 3o Bella Manicotti Limited Edition box set from Alternative Armies. I have supplemented the miniatures I have with an officer Toad from the 56505 Todoroni Militia set.

The miniatures were cleaned up and mounted onto 2p coins. The bases were built up with Milliput Fine White epoxy filler.

NOTE; These LE sculpts are no longer available - being part of a 100 boxed sets limited run after which the moulds were destroyed. I was lucky enough to have been given these by Craig Andrews of Orcs in the Webbe - thank you Craig.

I further textured the bases by adding some sieved sand over uPVA glue.

and undercoated the figures with spray paint Black, touching up any areas I had missed with Chaos Black from Games Workshop.

The first proper painting was all that green flesh. The colour was built up over a Forest Green and highlighted with Forest Green and Yellow. In these images I have washed the flesh areas with the green wash from GW.

In this final image, you can see how I have modified/converted one of the musket wielding Toads to be a standard bearer, adding a paperclip flag pole and some Green Stuff.

More to come.


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