Monday 29 September 2014

Making Model Trucks by Gerald Scarborough

I picked up this book for £1.00 at a local car boot sale on Sunday. The book includes the usual - what tools to use but concentrates on building 1/72 or 1/76th scale models in plastic and white metal. Written by Gerald Scarborough the style is similar (if not identical) to the articles you find in early Airfix Magazines and there are even a couple that are re-prints of features in the Airfix Magazine Annuals, a series of books that I particularly enjoy reading. Even so I am very pleased with this bargain find.

Making Model Trucks by Gerald Scarborough
Published by Patrick Stephens Limited in 1980
ISBN; 0 85059 438 3
Original selling price - £7.50


I miss the old Patrick Stephens books and believe it is worth asking;
"Did PSL ever produce a bad book?"
 I don't think they did.

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