Sunday, 14 February 2016

Oldehammer Building No. 1 - part four

The first building finished. The most time consuming part was painting the timber frame. I used watered-down Chaos Black with some Beastial Brown added (to reduce the starkness of pure black) and with a No. 2 Rosemary and Co. brush painted each of the wooden frames. There is no quick way of doing this - you just have to take each post and paint it to the best you can.

There is some detail painting but not much and I have found these simple naive and early Warhammer or Citadel themed building to be just the tonic I needed.

My Mojo is back!

For details of the earlier construction, texturing and base painting please see earlier posts.

Building No. 2 to follow soon.



Anonymous said...

That looks great! What an excellent project :)


Stuart S said...

Fantastic - now where did I put that old box of Orc's :-)

Peter Ball said...

Very nice work!

Chad Thorson said...