Friday 12 February 2016

Oldehammer Building No. 1 - part three

The roof was the first thing I painted. I wanted to follow the Games Workshop card building colours as close as possible and went with an ochre tile or roof colour.

The colour has been built up over a mid-brown base by drybrushing with lighter colours and 'washing' with darker washes. As you can see I have picked out the odd tile with a grey-green colour and then more drybrushing.

The drybrushing has picked up on the earlier texturing.

Next it was on to the white-washed walls which I painted White!

The white was built up over a pale ivory colour with Titanium White tube acrylic paint painted on to the centre of the wall sections.

The model was great fun to build and even more fun to paint.

More to come - very soon. For more detail please see earlier posts.


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Lasgunpacker said...

Quite nice color for the roof.