Friday, 19 February 2016

Oldehammer Building No. 2 - part two

Following on from the earlier post - the timber framing has been modelled from card (backing card from a sketch pad) and glued in place with uPVA glue. I have tried to copy the timber framing from the card building in Blood Bath oat Orcs Drift but as I was working from internet images, I'm not sure it is an exact copy.

The small wooden out building has had the upright wooded cladding modelled from cereal pack card again glued in place with uPVA glue.

I am well aware that these techniques are not breaking any new ground - if fact they are looking back to some of the earliest Warhammer buildings I ever made, they are however great fun to build and paint and as such are well worth attempting.



John Lambshead said...

That is a very effective build.

Heisler said...

In the end we don't need to break new ground every time we create something. Sometimes its just a matter of getting buildings on the table that look good with our troops.

El Grego said...

Looks just fine - I appreciate the detailed list of materials used.