Thursday, 5 September 2019

Flintloque Undead - part two

Part two - Witchlands Undead.....

As promised in my earlier Blog post, I have included an image of some Flintloque Undead miniatures as part of my Flintloque or Deadloque month.

The image shows just some of my Witchlands Undead from Alternative Armies which have been painted in the traditional Witchlands or Russian Napoleonic uniform colours. Without exception all of these minis have been based on 2p coins and painted with acrylic paints. There are one or two customised or modified figures in the set.

The scratch-built wall was built some time ago and features two demon figures that were originally found as horror themed pen tops.

My intention is to post more images during the month.


1 comment:

tim said...

Such a kooky line of figures! I love them!