Friday 13 September 2019

Flintloque Undead - part five

Part five - Headless Zombies.....

Headless zombies, what are these?

Back in 2011 I wrote a series of three linked scenarios for Deadloque/Flintloque in which Margahrah, a Lyonesse Commissariat serving with Marshal Ney was tasked with confirming reports of headless zombies seen attacking the retreating Grande Armee du Norde. The three scenarios can be found on Orcs in the Webbeherehere and here.

To support the stories I converted a number of Flintloque miniatures and details can be found on this Blog - for example see this link. In the image above you can see the whole force of 12 headless zombies.

Once again all the miniatures are mounted on to 2p coins and painted with acrylics before being varnished and the bases decorated with static grass or static grass tufts. They were great fun to model and paint and can be used as a separate force or integrated into the main Deadloque Undead force as featured in the earlier post.


I believe that these are the only examples of Witchlands headless zombies - if anyone knows of anyone else converting their Flintloque figures in a similar way, I would be interested in seeing examples.

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