Monday 2 September 2019

Flintloque Undead

Earlier this year I posted details of some Flintloque themed headless Zombies I had modelled and painted for details see this post. At the same time I was also working on these five miniatures and I thought it was about time I finished them.

I don't have any work-in-progress images to show you but it is my intention to add some more photos of my Flintloque Witchlands collection and to that end, I am labelling September as Flintloque Deadloque month. Expect more treats throughout the month.

There is not much to say about these five figures. I have modified the shako plumes with green stuff and bulked-out some of the features (particularly around the legs), but in the main they are stock Alternative Armies metal castings. The painting was done with a mix of acrylic colours then varnished and finished with static grass tufts.


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