Wednesday 3 February 2021

Flintloque Line Infantry - part thirteen

Another day, another update. This time the bases.....

I find it easier to model my miniatures with integral bases from the start, then prime and paint them. I know this is not the norm, but for me it just works. In todays post, I have painted the groundwork before finishing the models. The bases were painted in a Barbarian Leather colour to which I have added some yellow - I find that this is as close to Snakebite Leather as I can get. I then highlighted the base colour by drybrushing with the Barbarian Leather to which I have added some white. The final drybrush sees me adding even more white. I then pick out individual stones in grey, highlighted with white before I paint the shoes and soles of the shoes. In the case of these eight Orc Redcoats, each of the models had the soles of their shoes painted to some level or another.

Hopefully I can get these Orcs finished soon, although, as I have stated in earlier posts, I'm in no rush.

Stay safe.


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Codsticker said...

They look finished to me!