Saturday 13 February 2021

Practical and Simple Wargame Terrain - part nine

Another month, another Miniature Wargames magazine and another article written by me. The Theme Park Cottage was inspired by an image  I found on the internet and built from cardboard, foamboard and egg box card. For full details of the build, see Miniature Wargames issue 455 (March 2021 issue).

This is the ninth chapter in the series showing how I construct and paint Simple Wargame Terrain built from everyday materials, the earlier tutorials are; 

The Prussian Barn

The Stone Cottage

The Timber Frames House

The Round Dovecot

A Thatched Cottage

European Barn

Wooden Shack

And Thatched Hovel

I can confirm that there is at least one more model in the series, then hopefully, I can try something new.


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Bluewillow said...

Lovely work on the buildings Tony,

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