Friday 15 July 2022

Terrain inspired by Slaine Eat My Axe - Miniature Wargames issue 472

Issue 472 of Miniature Wargames (August 2022) has an article written by me showing how I built a Dark-Age round hut and two pieces of additional terrain for the new Warlord Games box set Slaine Eat My Axe.

Using corrugated cardboard DAS modelling clay and a hanging basket liner for the thatch I modelled the round hut and based it on the MDF models you get with the boxed game.

The Bronze Idol was modelled from the handle of a wooden spoon and the Stone Monolith is a piece of slate from the garden, detailed with some old minis and clutter from my spares box.

For more information pick up the latest issue from WHSmiths.



Mike said...

I have just started on mine, even though my wife bought me a load on pre-order back in 2022.
I am finding the Slaine community sparse, do you still play?
If so, can I tempt you join a FB for Slaine I just started?
It would be great to get a group of players in one space to inspire each other (and ask questions)


Tony said...

Sorry, no I don't play Slaine. I used to have all the comics but have sold them on too. Good luck with starting a group - I'm sure there are others who will be interested.

Mike said...

Ah that's a shame.
Thanks for letting me know though.