Wednesday 6 July 2022

Yellow Pelican Mining Co. - Building some new wagons

Part one a box wagon

Yes I know that I should really be getting on with finishing the main buildings on the layout, but I'm having way too much fun building stock to run on the tracks. This particular wooden box van was inspired by a similar model found on the Model Earth Design web pages (from the Budget Range) and painted 'reefer red' with Y P signage hand painted.

The chassis was a cut down metal wheeled wagon frame bought second-hand with all brake gear and buffers removed. The main body was built from 3mm thick plastic card and detailed with 1mm thick plastic card overlays.

The curved roof was built from two layers of thin cardboard and textured by applying painters masking tape in layers which was further secured with superglue on the edges.

Painting was done with acrylics and weathered with oil washes, ground pastels and watercolour pencils.

I have built three wagons so far (as well as the ore carriers seen in earlier images) and will no doubt build more.



Codsticker said...

Wonderful wood grain texture on the styrene.

Tony said...

Thank you. Razor saw, coarse sandpaper and a scalpel.