Sunday 10 July 2022

Yellow Pelican Mining Co. - Building new wagons part three

The third of the new wagons is this metal water tank which was inspired by one of the Budget Wagons from Model Earth Design. Like the earlier two it is based on a simple 4 wheel HO-OO wagon with the buffer detail removed and a new wooden body built from plastic card.

The water tank was built around a plastic gaming piece and detailed with plastic card and plastic rod. The fuel line and dispenser came from a toy garage/petrol pump.

The painting was done with acrylics in the first place and then oil washes and watercolour pencil detailing. The oily rag is a small piece of newspaper coated in PVA glue and painted with acrylics.

The final image shows all three new wagons on one of my display plinths all ready to be tested on the layout.