Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Auntie Liz gave me a cardboard tube - part three

This Donkey Engine was built before I was given the cardboard tube. It was me telling Auntie Liz about how I built it, that prompted her to give me the cardboard tube. The model boiler is in fact built from a HO-OO milk tanker body wrapped in plastic card and detailed with bits from my 'spares box' with the wooden frame built from some scrap wood.

The second image, shows most of the work completed ready for paint. It is based on a Dolbeer Donkey Engine drawing from Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette - Nov/Dec 2009.

Once built, it was basecoated in a dark brown/black mix ready for brush painting with acrylics.

I finished the painting with oil washes and weathering powders.


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