Sunday, 14 August 2022

Auntie Liz gave me a cardboard tube.....

On a recent visit to Swansea, Auntie Liz gave me a cardboard tube - the insert from a clingfilm roll and this is what I built. A static boiler.

The tube was wrapped with thin plastic card and the main boiler built from thick card, also clad in plastic card.

The detailing came from my spares box - more plastic card, a pen barrel and wire glued together with both plastic glue and superglue.

An overall basecoat of dark brown/black was brush painted with acrylic paint to which I have added some acrylic modelling paste to replicate fine rust texture.

Detail painting was more acrylic paint and washes with a dusting of weathering powders from Humbrol and ground pastels.

At some stage it will be added to the Yellow Pelican narrow gauge railway layout as a scrap metal/mining feature.

Thank you Liz, Tony