Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Flash Gordon - Snakeman

This particular Snakeman miniature is a modified Stygian Guardian from Chronopia or Heartbreaker Miniatures (No. 2811). I bought the miniature from Spirit Games, Burton on Trent some years ago and it has been languishing in my miniature box just waiting for me to re-model and paint it.

The original miniature had four arms, the top two holding cutting blades (see the spear tops from my Rockmen, in an earlier post) and the bottom two holding a spear/axe. The first thing I did was cut up the solid metal base so I could mount it on my usual 40mm round, plastic base - this took some time as there is quite a bit of metal on the original base!

Next I attached the head and then re-modelled the rear neck and upper back with 'green stuff'. The spear was replaced with a length of wire and the axe and spear head modelled and attached. Both hands were re-modelled with 'green stuff' and the base was textured with DAS and sand.

Painting started with the blue skin and after some washes of dark blue the armour was first painted with dark brown, then bronze and later bronze/gold before being given a brown wash and highlighted with silver.

The skull plates and belly scales are Spearshaft Brown highlighted with Spearshaft Brown and White.

The body of the Snakeman and the metal plates were varnished with gloss varnish, while the base was matt varnished.

The model stands 50mm tall and is mounted on a 40mm round base.


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