Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Flintloque - Warning Beacon

Here I have posted a photo of a model of a warning tower or beacon that I built last year, this will be the first time that images would have been posted anywhere.

The inspiration came from a similar model featured in a GW Lord of the Rings monthly magazine - the sort that build in to a complete game after about 100 issues! The model construction followed the GW article very closely, with a foam board core on an MDF base.

The stonework is bult from small bricks, larger sections of plastic card and DAS modelling clay. The steps are small tiles given away free with a 'build your own dolls house' publication and the wood on the pyre is balsawood painted and stained before being glued down. Other decorative detail is restricted to small features and bits from my spares box, for example the barrel.

Painted with acrylics and flocked with green 'sawdust' flock to match in with my skirmish board.


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