Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Flintloque Undead

Here I have a couple of Undead miniature experiments. The first are witchlands ghosts, standard Witchland troops painted white over light grey, inspired by the GW Lord of the Rings Undead and the images on the front of the Deadlands box set. For anyone interested, these are very easy to paint and a quick way of getting a unit on to the table. I know that GW also wash their ghosts with a green wash, which I might try out on a later batch. For me it was a very quick way of getting my Undead painted and based and out of the spares box!

Above is a modified Cossack standard bearer again painted as a ghost, rising from the spirit world on a metal spiral, painted as smoke! Again it was a way of getting miniatures out of the spares box and on to the gaming table.

The model building in the background is a Greek inspired water-drawing windmill, modelled with balsawood and card, on a DAS base with bamboo skewer supports for the sails. The sails were not modelled, however I do plan on building a Spanish Windwill model at some stage.


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