Monday, 2 June 2008

Mordian Guard Steam Tank

For some months I have been thinking about modelling a steam powered tank to support a Games Workshop Praetorian Guard squad. I like the idea of producing a Victorian Science Fiction based steam tank to support this group of obviously Victorian era based sculpts.

I would envisage this as a light or infantry support tank rather than a huge assault tank.

The only problem is that GW Praetorian Guard miniatures are either very rare or very expensive. This weekend I settled on a compromise and picked up two second-hand Mordian Guard miniatures from Games Expo, Birmingham for £2.00 each and the project was begun.

Before I start this project I want to be clear that this is not a top priority project and it might never be finished! However I hope that the tutorial helps readers to understand my thought pattern when starting such a modelling project and the unusual materials I use.

The starting point is a 'transformer' toy bought for 99p in a cheap pound shop.

Then a LEGO hull.

Next the LEGO was clad with plastic card, a section of clear plastic tube, sliced to size and then cut in half length ways was added to the front. More LEGO bricks were clad to add interest to the rear and act as a base for the steam engine, which is an Action Man toy then a plastic ring from a Star Wars game was added as the base of the turret. The white section just below the gold ring is in fact a section of under-arm deodorant bottle.

This photo show the turret top - a section of under-arm deodorant bottle top and plastic card, plus the second-hand Mordian Guard figure to show scale.

As above.

I thought that the model was too small and needed to be a little longer, but the size of the tracks was fixed by the 'Transformer' toy, I added a steering trolley to the rear as seen on some early WW1 tanks.

Another photo showing the steering trolley.

The steering trolley uses LEGO wheels and a frame made from a plastic chop-stick plus plastic card.

As above.

I am not sure how this particular tank will turn out - I do see lots of rivets and more steam pipes, but as the model is just developing, who knows what it will eventually turn out like! I did not try to sketch a layout - but just played with the LEGO bricks to build the main hull and when I found a section of plastic tube/pipe, the curved hull front just came to me.

Other material used so far are - a coin, the tops of two felt tip pens and a section of spacecraft! Without it sounding like a plea, any comments would be very well received, maybe it could be a 'group built' with Blog readers commenting on how I should proceed?



The Raging Gaijin said...

First, I gotta say, for a scratch-built the foundation is totally awesome! Especially without sketching out the original premise. I can't find fault, so I'm going to pose a question:

How much detail do you want on it. Do you want rivets and holes and slits for peering through, or do you want to embellish with your painting skills?

Have you considered doing a quick sketch after coming this far on this exercise? It's something I do after I've created something 'from the gut' so to speak, and I find myself stuck. Though I get the feeling from your posts that you know where you want to take it. Am I right? =D

Keep up the excellent work!

Mazhar Hussain Shah said...

You say that the model was too short, So let me know that how much length required for this...?
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