Friday, 30 April 2010

Billy (the) Piper - part eight

This latest update features the painting of detailed parts of the Highland Rat Piper, the bonnet feather, the gatters and in the final photo the knapsack and water bottle.

The miniature is fast approaching completion and should have all painting finished very soon. You will notice how I am still playing around with the tartan and the red and white stripe on the bonnet. I am sure that this will continue until I am fully satisfied with the effect.

Once again I have tidied up the black areas, but in this update there was very little to be done. You can also see one of the modifications I have made to the casting - the simple, circular badge to the back of the knapsack which was modeled with a 'green stuff'/Milliput mix.



Rob Alderman said...

Looks really good Tony, I might make the same mod to my Rats when I get around to them.

I really hope I get this model in your competition. It's shaping up wonderfully and would take pride of place on the living room mantelpiece (which Hannah has allowed me ONE model to be on!).

Foul Mouth Freddie is on my painting desk, cleaned up (I also put his cockade back into the right position) and based! Just gotta undercoat him, which I may well do today!

Shaping up brilliantly as usual and I am very impressed.
Good job!


Tony said...

Hi Rob,

I'm still to see and receive a Foul Mouth Freddy miniature - so you are well ahead of me!

I've promised a painting article for Barking Irons with FMF, so I will have to finish the Highland Rat Piper soon, very soon.

(Sue, my wife allows me one shelf in the display cabinet in the hall, I tend to mix-n-max which figures I display - the bulk are in boxes in the attic.)

Tony said...

One shelf in the cabinet, but most of the double garage and the attic, plus the bedroom/computer room need I go on!!!!!!

Tony said...

Hey just noticed I published that comment on your blog,oops (this is the WIFE btw) oh, I could have so much fun.

Tony said...

Last two comments were by Sue (my Wife) who now knows that she can access and add comments to the Blog!

It really is Tony this time!