Friday, 23 April 2010

Billy (the) Piper - part six

In painting the white areas, I used a self-mixed light grey base, almost pure white for the main colour 20% light grey and 80% white and 100% pure white for the highlight with small amounts of the earlier colour showing through at the edges. Very similar to the Kevin Dallimore or Foundry painting technique.

I have also continued to touch-up the tartan areas, highlighting with light green and pure yellow as well as painting the red/black bonnet ribbon. Throughout the painting process I am continuing to add and define the Black Watch tartan and the red/white check.

As stated earlier in this series of On-Line Build articles, I think that these Highland Rats are some of the very best sculpted Alternative Armies/Flintloque miniatures. With the white painted, this single piper is starting to 'come to life'.

Finally, this weekend we see the largest UK based show - Salute at Excel. I will not be attending, but look forward to reading reports and seeing many, many photos of what I am missing.


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Rob Alderman said...

Bloody excellent, I particularly like the white dot in the eye. It really brings it to life.