Sunday, 18 April 2010

Harz Platform and Edging

Some time ago I was asked by a friend if it was possible to produce a cobbled platform surface and edging in 1:22.5 scale for use on a model railway layout. The layout is based on the Harz Railway in the former East Germany and is quite well known as a tourist attraction (as well as the site of an Eastern Bloc satellite/radar listening site during the Cold War). For more details, see;

The two images below show the finished 'masters', which will now be molded and cast in resin. I was specifically asked to keep the castings simple and generic as each of the platform edges on this particular layout are over 60inches long. The platform edging master being over 20inches long.

The original masters were produced from various thicknesses of Plastic Card, Milliput and individual 5mm square cobbles.

Finally, this photo shows the actual Harz Narrow-Gauge RailwayPlatform and the unique concrete cast edging blocks

Although not my usual Blog content or project, I was particularly pleased with the way that the masters have photographed.


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Rob Alderman said...

That looks really good mate. I really like the platform itself, nice to see irregular heights of the cobbles themselves.