Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Billy (the) Piper - part seven

On my earlier or first Highland (Rat) piper I had painted the tops of the bagpipes white and the gloss varnish I had used, had given this white a cream colour. I wanted to reproduce this cream or ivory colour and therefore started with a pot of Legionnaires Flesh (an old Warzone paint). I then highlighted by adding white to the flesh colour, until the brightest or final highlight was pure white.

In addition I have painted the bonnet feathers. I used a drybrushing of a very dark blue, a mix of GW Chaos Black and Midnight Blue. This is a secret that many comic book artists use to portray very dark black - just add blue. If you doubt it take a look at how Batman is coloured in most of his comic book illustrations!

Finally for this update, I have washed the gloves with Citadel Badab Black wash. I felt the white was a little too stark and the wash helped to define the knuckles. A quick pin-highlight with pure white and the detailing around the white gloves is so much more exaggerated.

As with earlier posts, I have tidied up the Black areas before taking these photos.


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Rob Alderman said...

Looks really good mate. Yeah, dark blue with black is great. I rarely do it though, old habits die hard!