Thursday, 22 April 2010

Stanley flush cut pull saw

I have been looking to replace some of my well worn razor saws or modelling saws as they have been abused, cutting lead miniatures and resin. I came across this flush cutting saw from Stanley and thought that it would be ideal for resin.

However I am now, not sure. On the plus side it has to be the sharpest saw I have ever come across, the card protector sleeve is not there for show! The down side is that it has no strengthening spine and the blade (as it says on the label) is flexible.

A pull saw cuts on the pull or return stroke, unlike a conventional saw that cuts of the push stroke. I am sure that for resin, particularly fine pieces, it will be OK, but I will still need to replace my selection of razor saws.

I'll keep you informed as to how I get on with this little monster.


This evening I have tested the saw on Resin and can report that it made very short work of cutting it. In addition due to the flexibility of the blade - I was able to cut right down to the base without any issues.

Follow-up 2
This evening I used it to cut some plaster rock mouldings, went through them like a 'hot knife through butter'.


Pat G said...

It's a Japanese design that has become popular amongst wood workers. The rigidity is provided by the pull-stroke, no spine is needed - you pull it straight. It takes a bit of getting used to but works very well but I admit my experience with these saws has only been on wood and plastic plumbing pipe.

Tony said...

To Pat G,

Thank you for the comment. I still have to 'use the saw in anger,' but can see it being useful for some applications.