Sunday, 28 November 2010

28mm Windmills from Grand Manner

Another post showing some of the 28mm models I have produced for Grand Manner in this particular case the three variation of Post Windmills that were sculpted/modelled by me.

From left to right they are the Thatched Windmill, The Flemish Post Windmill and The European Windmill. Each are based on contemporary illustrations and offer the 28mm modeller/gamer a wide variety of different theatres and time scales to choose from as the basic design of the traditional Post Windmill has changed little over hundreds of years.

This illustration has been copied from the re-vamped Grand Manner web site and were painted by Kate and Dave, The photo being taken by Dave Bodley at the Grand Manner offices in Bromsgrove. For more information check out this link

It is also worth checking out some of the painted German European Buildings, which are also based on actual buildings and illustrations and appear on the New and on the Workbench section. see this link

Finally, Grand Manner have produced issue two of their News Letter which gives details of the Christmas ordering timetable. Well done Chris.


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Ubique Matt said...

Beautiful looking models!