Wednesday 3 November 2010

Old Games Workshop Leaflets part two

Following on from my earlier post and some interesting comments, I was wondering if either of these leaflets were the red bordered leaflets that Lasgunpacker was referring to?

The first is a 24 page introduction to Games Workshop, no obvious date, but there is reference to 1989 in the introduction.

The second is a 16 page Painting Guide from 1992.

Both are in very good condition and were given away free by GW. I have one copy of the Introduction to GW, but two copies of the Painting Guide (this one with some red marker pen writing on the cover).

These were the only two red bordered GW guides I could find. I have loads of the (very) early coloured paper and single coloured print leaflets, which I will photograph and post over the next couple of months.

Pure nostalgia!


1 comment:

Lasgunpacker said...

Wow, that Introduction to Games Workshop is exactly what I was remembering! Man, the hours I used to spend pouring over that thing...