Thursday, 18 November 2010

Portuguese Cazadores - a total dissaster

I am almost in tears - that or wanting to punch someone! In an attempt to matte down the finish on my Portuguese Cazadore, I thought I would brush paint the miniature with Tamiya Colour Flat Base X-21. What could possibly go wrong?

Well this is the result, I mixed it up well, brush painted it on and then looked on in horror as the miniature clouded over, a sort of Milky White film that dried to a perfectly good matte finish but ruined my painted miniature!

In an attempt to remove it and reading the label - water soluble, I rinsed the whole miniature under the tap, but even with some mild detergent (washing up liquid) and a soft brush. This is the result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For anyone reading this - DO NOT USE TAMIYA FLAT BASE X-21 AS A MATTE VARNISH!

I am at this moment so despondent that I am not sure I have the will to strip the model and re-paint it, I certainly don't have the time.


I have written and re-written this post a number of times, taking out all the expletives. I actually feel physically sick. "Thank you Tamiya for making it so clear, for example - DO NOT APPLY WITH A BRUSH. After all why would anyone think that it is acceptable to sell a acrylic paint (Flat Base) and in a paint pot, that turns painted models white?"


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I have read elsewhere - that the fix for the fogging issue is to reapply a gloss clear covering, and then re-matt...

These guys seem to rate Klear as the fix (the floor stuff)

Might be worth doing some google-fu to see of anyone else has other idea's??? Couldn't do any harm to try some of them??

Steve said...

I had similar disasters many years ago with Humbrol enamel matt that worked perfectly then ruined a whole unite of orcs and US armour. It's also happened with GW spray (once on a birthday present for Saul)

The gloss varnish does work but for some inexplicable reason the white can come back when re-matted (this happened on my WW1 Germans).

You have my sympathies as the model was looking really good.

The Angry Lurker said...

Sorry to hear about the varnishing disaster,this happened to me recently on a large amount of models and I switched to a matt varnish spray and sprayed the models again a day later and it sorted the problem.

Broeders said...

I also used a matt varnish spray that works well.

Also used artists matt varnish that goes on well with a brush.

But all a bit 'stable door' in your situation. Its a real shame as I was following the Cacadores blogs with interest.

BigLee said...

Ouch! That's definately a horror story for next Halloween. I'm not suprised you had to re-edit the post to remove the expletives... I'd be exactly the same.

I've only have fogging when applying Testors Dullcote (spray) in too thick a coat.

Lasgunpacker said...

How horrible! I too have had some... unfortunate results from Tamiya paints, which is particularly annoying when they have such good colors.

You should try adding the gloss on top, because it will not really impead your striping of the paint, and might help.

Andy said...

My sympathies! I've had a few disappointing finishes, but nothing this disastrous! Hopefully the gloss coat clears it up acceptably!

Leigh said...

My Condolences. Happened to me with my Ice Cold in Alex Flames of War Objective. Fortunately and ambulance is fairly flat to rub back and repaint.

Ubique Matt said...

You have my sympathies. I can only suggust using real turps applied with a cotton bud; this removes the varnish but not the paint.


Rob Alderman said...

Goodness that's horrible!

I swear by WIndsor and Newton brush on, you have to use a very clean brush, but otherwise I have never had ANY problems.

It really sucks that this has happened to a miniature like this one.

Paint-In said...

Have you tried glossing it with gloaass varnish ?
If your first coat was gloss than you might be able to save it.

Tony said...

Firstly, thanks too all who had offered advice. It's not that I'm ignoring you - I just can't face doing any work on this model at the moment - let's just say that I am not in the right frame of mind!

I think I will leave it for today although I have (once again) tried to was off the Tamiya Base and this time using an old toothbrush.

I'll update the Blog over the weekend and keep you informed as to what I do next.

Once again thank you for the support - it is much appreciated.


Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

OMG! I hope it won't happen again! Never had the problem I have never sprayed one of my miniature with varnish nor have I ever painted them with varnish.