Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Download The Ancible Magazine issue # 6 for free

The Ancible Magazine, Issue #6 is available for FREE DOWNLOAD, go to this link and follow the instructions. Issue #6 includes another article written by me, the construction and painting of the Space 1889/Aeronef Pirate Kite - Lilith, a design based on the old Dungeons & Dragons supplement Spelljammer.

Earlier this year, The Ancible moved from being a print based publication to a web only magazine and although I am not overly keen on reading from the Web, (being a little old fashioned), I have found The Ancible layout and content to be very well done. I like the mix of subject matter as well as the beautiful illustrations and speaking personally, I think they have done a great job in transferring my simple article into a stunning feature. Very well done.

Issue #6 is available for free download (it is totally free - I've just done it!) and I would recommend any reader interested in miniatures, painting or gaming to avail themselves of this fantastic offer. In fact if you enjoy issue #6, then issue #1 is also available for free download, so a double win!

The Squidship Lilith is a totally scratch built model, of a Martian pirate kite modelled to the scale of 1/300th (or 6mm) and was built by me to see if I could produce a totally unique and animal/creature inspired design.

This second photo shows the Squidship Lilith flying alongside the Le Fee Verte - yet another of my 1/300th scale Aeronefs details of which appear in The Ancible issue #4.

I would hope that readers will download the free issue (issues) and enjoy them as much as I did.



SteelonSand said...

Thanks for the heads up, Tony - and what a beautiful Squidship - manages to be both elegant and intimidating - love it!

Toyin O. said...

Thanks for sharing.