Wednesday 6 June 2012

2o Bellalugosi Line - The Pledge for June 2012 part two

I can hold back no longer. The Pledge for June 2012 is this group of nine Todoroni from Alternative Armies - The 2o Bellalugosi Line. The miniatures were bought off e-bay for just £6.23 (free postage). A real bargain, but with one miniature missing, the singer. (See image below - front row far left).

This is not the first Todoroni I have painted, as I already have two Fruscati Grenaderia, but these will be my first full Toad Regiment. The miniatures were in very good condition and required only the smallest amount of cleaning up. These really are very good models and show some fantastic sculpting, each with a unique facial grin and huge beady/bug eyes. One thing I did notice about the castings was that they were very 'tinny' and cast in a much more resilient metal than my usual AA models.

Photo One - The main group; just seven in this photo, but there are nine. Honest 'Would-a-I-a-lie-to-you!'

Photo Two - The Officer Toad, a rather skittish green Toad and the Standard Bearer.

Photo Three - The Officer Toad. A real character piece.

In part three, I will give a blow-by-blow account of how the miniatures have been based as well as some minor modifications I have made. For full details of the original set go to the Alternative Armies web page here.

Image taken from the official AA web site

More to follow.



Rob Alderman said...

Hi Tony!

I am so excited about this project!

Interesting to hear about the quality of the metal, I thought it was only me that paid attention to that! :)
I have noticed a difference to the metal used when AA first started to when it changed to Alector... It's much harder, sometimes the bayonets don't bend!

Shame there is no singer, I am sure Gavin could sort you out with one. :)

I am interested to see how you do the skin. Mine are mostly Kermit the Frog green, but more recent ones have been more traditional toad colourings.

This is Not a Mistake-a-to-make-a!



Tony said...

The skin colour? - You will just have to wait and see.