Saturday 16 June 2012

2o Bellalugosi Line - Ribbit!

The Pledge part four. The nine AA Todoroni and one small GW frog have been undercoated Black. I have used a cheap (£1.00 a can) spray paint to cover most of the model, then touched up any bits I have missed with Chaos Black and a large paintbrush.  On this occasion, it might be that my eyesight is getting worse, I found it difficult to pick out the details on the models and have wet-brushed (like dry-brushed, but with more paint on the bristles) the figures with dark grey, concentrating on the heads and headgear, the shoulders and the main body. I think the photos show this better than words.

Photo One - The Command Group.

Photo two - The main troopers, well a small selection at least.

Photo Three - One trooper and Kermit. I think the dark grey (wet-brushed) undercoat shows up best on this image.

The big question on everyone's lips is "what colour is he going to paint the flesh?" The obvious is (Kermit) Green, but there are other options; Toad Brown, Royal Blue, Bright Yellow or even Orange!

Time to do some research and where better than with that Todaroni expert and Top-Toad Roberto Aldemano. In 60 Bloody Rounds, issue No. 2 from Summer 2008 there is a definitive paper written by Roberto called The Colours of Valon, Painting the Todoroni of Nepolise*. Toads that have Green skin and Yellow eyes.

For further information and some fantastic images of Roberto's Toad army check out this YouTube Showcase video It really is quite a treat and should inspire all of us to start collecting these fantastic Alternative Armies Todoroni.

So what colour will I paint my Toads? Sorry, you will have to wait until part five.


* I am not sure if this magazine is still available. It does not appear here.


Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

I shall wait to see part 5.

A Toad which is not AA...I feel faint!

I like my Toads blue of all colours, exotic frog colours. Flash indeed.


Rob Alderman said...

Hello Tony!

Hehe, thanks for the plug!

That issue of 60BR is unfortunately unavailable. I am still looking for one. :(

Really looking forward to seeing how you paint them.